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Brian and Ben in China

Since 2012, Mr. Bing has brought the rich and transformative flavors of Chinese street food to home cooks, professional kitchens, and grocery stores, from Hong Kong to New York City, where our most popular product, Chili Crisp, is made – locally, sustainably, and fresh.

Our story started when Brian and Ben met while studying in Beijing in 1998. We loved eating street food every day (especially jianbing), made fresh on the back of a bicycle cart, and dreamed of sharing the flavors and crunch with friends, family, and lovers of street food.

In 2015, Mr. Bing started to feed hungry New Yorkers, and the Vendy Awards crowned Mr. Bing “Rookie of the Year” for Best New Street Food of NYC. After a journey of success and failure, we’ve decided to focus on the food business with our Chili Crisp, Spice Mix, and Chili Oil.

Our mission is to create mouth-watering foods inspired by Chinese cooking that are healthy, sustainable, and accessible to as many people as possible. We support the communities that inspired us by building diversity into our team and partner ecosystem, and by giving a portion of our time and proceeds to charities that create cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

Brian GoldbergCEO and Co-founder

Brian Goldberg - CEO

Brian is the original founder of Mr Bing. He has been living and breathing Mr Bing since eating bings with Ben in 1998, opening Store #1 in Hong Kong in 2012, and making the 1st jar of Mr Bing Chili Crisp in 2018. Brian thrives in sales, marketing, and business development.

Benjamin DuvallCo-founder

Benjamin Duvall - Co-founder

Ben is focused on operations, strategic priorities and profitability. He has built two digital marketing analytics companies, has an MBA, and studied in China with Brian in 1998. Ben brings a discipline and focus that complements Brian’s enthusiasm and creativity.