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Brian and Ben in China

Mr Bing co-founders Brian Goldberg and Benjamin Duvall met while studying abroad in Beijing in 1998. Ben and Brian are like brothers, having known each other for 22 years. As students, they ate jianbing (savory Chinese crepes, aka “bings”) every day outside their school, made fresh on the back of a bicycle cart. Ben and Brian loved bings so much—and the chili crisp inside them—they dreamed of bringing these gems back to America.

But it wasn’t simple, and it certainly wasn’t easy...

As students, Ben and Brian wandered the nostalgic grey brick alleys (hutongs) of Beijing for countless hours. They listened to Faye Wong music, pretended to be artistic photographers, sang terrible karaoke with locals, and were very fortunate to experience China and its countryside during the early years of its rapid modernization. Those were the golden days.

After college, Ben and Brian drove across America, then embarked on wildly different career paths. Ben worked in tech, got his MBA, built two digital marketing analytics companies across three continents, and started a family.

Brian and Ben in China

Brian pursued Olympic dreams as a luge athlete on the World Cup circuit, worked in television in NY and Singapore, and then investment banking in Taiwan and Hong Kong. On a weekend trip to Beijing in 2011, Brian ate a bing that was so good it inspired him to call Ben and plan a “bing R&D trip” that led to the opening of the two Beijing-inspired “jianbing cafes” in Hong Kong in 2012 and 2013. That’s when the first iteration of Mr Bing Chili Crisp was initially developed, putting bings on the map in Hong Kong and outside mainland China.

After 13 years abroad, Brian returned to the USA determined to bring Asian street food to the thriving scene of his hometown, New York City. Mr Bing first appeared in Times Square in November 2015 as a holiday market pop-up, and continued feeding hungry New Yorkers with “the traveling bing show” throughout 2016. The Vendy Awards crowned Mr Bing “Rookie of the Year” for the Best New Street Food of NYC.

In January 2017, Mr Bing opened its first kiosk at the Urbanspace food hall next to Grand Central Terminal. Bings had now officially landed in the Big Apple. Mr Bing continued to expand to corporate cafeterias, college campuses, and a handful of other kiosks and stores.

Brian and Ben in China

The shelves of Mr Bing locations were lined with chili crisp as the signature sauce inside. It became apparent that fans of Mr Bing didn’t just want bings, they wanted “the crisp”, and they wanted crisp on everything. A separate business was formed, dedicated to manufacturing a healthier and NY-made improvement on the #1 chili crisp from China: all natural, no MSG or preservatives, gluten free and vegan.

In 2019, Ben and Brian reconnected in NYC and BHG Foods was launched. After closing all six restaurants in early 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now 100% focused on Chili Crisp via e-commerce, food service, and retail.

Mr Bing is a pioneer in a rediscovered category of condiment: Chinese chili crisp. Served across China for generations, it is catching on in the West as a diverse condiment that adds crunch, flavor, and a mildly sweet spiciness to any food. We then expanded our offerings to include complimentary products like our Spice Mix and Chili Oil, made from the same all-natural ingredients as our Mr Bing Chili Crisp.

Brian Goldberg – CEO and Co-founder

Brian Goldberg - CEO

Brian is the original founder of Mr Bing. He has been living and breathing Mr Bing since eating bings with Ben in 1998, opening Store #1 in Hong Kong in 2012, and making the 1st jar of Mr Bing Chili Crisp in 2018. Brian thrives in sales, marketing, business development like nobody else can. He is the “spirit animal” of Mr Bing.

Benjamin Duvall – Co-founder

Benjamin Duvall - COO

Ben is focused on operations, strategic priorities and profitability. He has built two digital marketing analytics companies, has an MBA, and studied in China with Brian in 1998. Ben brings a discipline and focus that complements Brian’s enthusiasm and creativity.