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Welcome to Mr Bing

Mr Bing takes the humble jianbing - old school, nostalgic Beijing street crepes - and serves them in a modern hutong-style cafe. Our stores provide a quick, hot & affordable alternative for breakfast, lunch, dinner & late night bites.

What's New?

18 September 2013

Start your day with a Bing! Mr Bing launches NEW breakfast bings

Try a savory Ham & Cheese Bing or Sausage & Cheese Bing both filled with a sunny side egg.

Or go for a sweet Nutella Bing or traditional HK taste of Cha Chaan Bing with peanut butter & condensed milk in a purple rice crepe

starting at only $15
15 August 2013

Mini Bings All Around

Somebody caught me having some fun on Sat night... Experimenting with a mini-size peanut butter + condensed milk bing w/ purple rice batter... Special treat for my friend's little girl who paid us a surprise visit!

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