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  • Crazy delicious and addictive
  • No MSG or preservatives
  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • Locally made in NYC
  • Inspired by the ‘Godmother Sauce’ (老干妈) from China
  • Looks very spicy but actually not
  • Medium heat with a tidal wave of flavor

Try it on eggs, pasta, pizza, rice, chicken, burgers, noodles, sandwiches, or just eat it straight!


Ingredients: garlic, onions, chilies, soy nuts, mushroom powder, spices, non-GMO canola oil, turbinado sugar, salt Allergen: Soy


Available in 3 sizes:



7 oz jars



Wholesale (hospitality professionals only)

64 oz food service jugs

1 oz single serve

*Please email chili_crisp@mr-bing.com for wholesale orders