Mr. Bing For Life

Win Chili Crisp for Life!

Mr. Bing Chili Crisp makes everything taste better.

Do you agree?

Do you add chili crisp to all of your favorite foods?
Do you cook with it?
Do you slather it on everything from noodles to burgers?

Then you are exactly who we are looking for!


Create content showing how you eat, use, love, or whatever else you do with Mr. Bing Chili Crisp and post on Instagram

  1. Post on Instagram with #BingIt 
  2. Content will be re-shared on Mr. Bing’s Facebook and Instagram pages
  3. Each month will start a new contest (Eastern Time)
  4. Winners will be selected at the End of the Month and notified via Video or IG Live that they have received more engagement than any other submission. 
  5. A minimum of one winner will be selected each month
  6. If you win, we will send you 12 jars of Mr. Bing every year FREE for the rest of your life

Get out there and #BingIt!



Suitable Content

Content must: 

  • Demonstrate how Mr. Bing makes food taste better
  • Feature the logo, packaging, or verbally state the name, “Mr. Bing”
  • Sorry to be lame, but the content has to be PG-13


  • Mr. Bing will only ship to US Addresses Via US Mail or via In store Voucher.
  • Prizes are non-transferable
  • Prizes will only be awarded in the event Mr. Bing Foods, Inc. is actively operating
  • A minimum of 1 winner will be selected each month
  • Prize winners will be issued discount codes redeemable for free Mr. Bing every 2 months via email. If email bounces back, or discount is not redeemed, the offer will be considered expired after 30 days of no communication. 
  • Mr Bing Foods reserves the right to replace the prize with a check of $3,500.00 at any time after the prize winner has been selected.
    (that's the NPV of the prize at a 5% average opportunity cost of capital, assuming an average product price increase of 2.09% / year, which is the average last 30 year inflation rate)